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A medieval village in Tuscany

San Gimignano is surely one of the most interesting village in Tuscany. Thanks to its beautiful and its very good conservation, San Gimignano is really charming for tourist.

Here you are 6 stuff to see in your trip in San Gimignano:

1. First of all "Piazza del Duomo" where is located the Dome and the "Palazzo del Popolo". This square is the heart of San Gimignano.

2. The Dome with a simple facade but rich in masterpieces such as "Il Martirio di San Sebastiano" by Benozzo Gozzolo or the "Giudizio Universale" by Taddeo di Bartoli.

3. Montestaffoli Citadel, not far from the center of
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san gimignano (siena)
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How to cook this tipical tuscany dish

"Ciaccia di Pasqua" is a tipical tuscany Easter food, it’s like a big pizza with cheese. Here you are the recipe!

Flour 12 oz.
Parmigiano cheese 3 oz.
Pecorino cheese 1 oz.
Groviera cheese 1,5 oz.
Eggs 6
Extra virgin olive oil 1 spoon
Yeast 0,2 oz.

Put the eggs, the Parmigiano and the Pecorino in a bowl and mix them togheter. Then add salt, pepper and olive oil. In the while melt the yeast with some water and add to the other ingredients. Mix it well and put the flour.
Cut the Groviera cheese and put it in the bowl with other ingredients.
Put the
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san gimignano (siena)
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What about Siena?

If you’re looking for your next trip Tuscany, and Siena in specially, should be the perfect choise. We suggest you Siena because it offers a lot of place to visit with your family, with your friends or with your partner.

There are a lot of museums and historical villages to visiti if you love art and cultural trip, not only the most famous places like the Dome of Siena or Piazza del Campo but also little beautiful streets and historical buildings.

If you like nature you can find a beautiful landscape for excursions or long walk without smog and traffic jam.

But Tuscany and Siena in particular,
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san gimignano (siena)
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One of the best experience in Florence

Are you organizing a trip in Tuscany? What about Florence, one of the most beautiful city in the region! And don’t forget to visit the Vasariano Corridor built to link the "Medici" offices to the "Palazzo Pitti Galleria". One kilometer long nowadays host paintings from 600’s and 700’s. is a narrow passage where the entrance starts from the second corridor of the gallery, which runs along the Arno river stretching over the old bridge and then reaching "Palazzo Pitti".

The visit to this Corridori s really fantastic. First of all because the concept of an elevated passage at that time was very
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With family or friends

Usually the Christmas Time is dedicated to family but Easter is for friends. If you want spend a good holiday, Tuscany is the place for you for these following reasons:

1.Art: Tuscany’s city are rich in art and culture; Florence, Siena, Pisa or Lucca are knew all over the world for their artistic beauties. Further more in Tuscany, there are a lot of charming villages perfect for a romantic holiday or for a family trip.

2.Nature: green, gentle hills and woods. Some areas, such as Val d’Orcia or Valdichiana, summon many turists for season.

3.Food and Wine: do you love good food and wine?
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san gimignano (siena)
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Why to choose an apartment

There really couldn’t be a better destination than Tuscany if you’re planning a holiday suit the whole family. There is so much to do and see there for any age.

The best way to see Tuscany is to rent an apartment in an agriturism in a country area. To have a kitchen is really important to have the familiar snacks and breakfast, an enormous comfort factor for your children. You don’t need to cook because usually, agriturisms have a restaurant and, if it hadn’t, you can choose one of the many fantastic Tuscany restaurant to taste italian cuisine.

Further more with an apartment, every one
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san gimignano (siena)
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San Gimignano is the 3rd best destination in the world

According to the Trivago Online Reputation Award, San Gimignano in Tuscany, is situated at the 3rd position, just after an other beautiful Italian city: Matera. On the first position we find Goreme in Turkey. A good result for Tuscany and for Italy all, where welcome is a value not just for hotels but for popolation too.

Actually Italian cities fill the rank with Matera and San Gimignano on the top, following by Lecce (6th) and Sorrento (9th), for third year in the 10 best cities in the world. Italy is also represent by other beautiful cities such as Assisi (13th), Lucca (14th), Vito Lo Capo
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san gimignano (siena)
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Museum for Children in Siena

It is not easy to organise a holiday with your children but there is a place in Italy where a holiday with your children will surely be wonderful: the Tuscany!

Here you can find a marvellus countryside where your children can run, play and have fun and there are many places just for children such as the “Museo d’Arte per Bambini” in Siena. The museum aim is to create a place where children could get used to museum. Sites in the marvellous “Complesso Museale Santa maria della Scala”, the Museum gathers artworks from different artists and different ages, from the ancient to the modern: paintings,
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A Holiday in Tuscany

Are you organizing a holiday in Tuscany? Siena is your city!
This city was declared Human’s Heritage by UNESCO in the 1995 and it’s rich of religious architectures such as the Dome of the city or the Sanctuary of Santa Cristina or the Synagogue. There are also numerous palaces, such as Palazzo Salimbeni or the magnificent Palazzo Patrizi and don’t forget the famous Piazza del Campo where the Palio is run twice a year.

The Palio in Siena is very ancient, some documents speak about it in the XII Century. When Siena became one of the most rich city in Europe, the Palio was a very important event
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san gimignano (siena)
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Find out the Tuscany wine

When you think to Tuscany, you surely imagine beautiful hills, rich in vineyards that originate one of the most famous wine in the word: the Chianti wine. What’s the story of this wine?
First of all you must know that the Chianti is an area in Tuscany just south of Florence. To the west there are the Pesa and dell’Elsa valleys, to the east are the Chianti Mountains, and south lies the enchanting city of Siena. It is a marvellous territory rich in colours and perfumes which change season after season. It’s important to specify that “Chianti” and “Chianti Classico” are two different DOCG, which
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